Understanding and Counting Calories for Weight Loss

For people who are overweight, the term ‘calorie’ is not new to them. Calorie is something they always keep in check, for this is something that acts to add more pounds in their weight! So, what are calories? What role do they play and how controlled these should be for a balanced weight? Are few questions that are commonly asked from fitness experts! Remember, before you start with your weight loss program, you need to know everything about calories, as this is something that will play a crucial part all through the process!


It is a measure of energy, which is loaded to our body through the food we eat. Almost all weight loss programs intend to help you cut as much as extra calories, so that the weight can be either reduced or controlled.

Every food contains certain content of calories which simply signifies to the ‘amount’ of calories it includes. When we consume food, our body converts it into useful energy which it can utilize it for its needs.

So, have you ever wonder why do we need calories?

Indeed, our body cannot survive on water and what we need is food to live. Healthy food is needed for the growth and development of our body. Above all, we need food so that our body can keep going! That is, food is a source of energy that keeps us charged to carry out our day to day tasks with ease. As said, foods provide our body with the energy it needs and this is how calories come in! In a nutshell, we need food to stay alive!


This is a question which is frequently asked by the ones with weight gain concerns! Remember, how much a body needs calories to maintain healthy weight depends upon many factors, including age, sex, metabolism, health conditions, routine etc. However, research shows that on an average, the body of a man needs 2700 kCal, whereas the body of a woman needs 2100 kCal to perform day to day activities and stay healthy.

Remember, our body needs energy not only for the development of our body, but for our mental health as well. We also need energy to prevent ourselves against illnesses. Yeah, it is that important. Thus, healthy foods should be consumed so that we can achieve the right and needed amount of energy, whilst, junk should be strictly avoided as these foods are known to bombard our body with sugar and fats! Too much of these then contribute to weight gain.


If you wish to shed 1 kg from your weight in a week, then you need to cut your calorie consumption by 1000 per day! This makes a total of 7000 calories a week! Well, this may seem easy apparently, however, cutting the calorie intake is not as easy. You need to forego all your unhealthy eating habits and switch to healthy options like foods enriched with fiber, omega3 and omega6 fatty fatty oils, proteins etc.


When we eat foods that are rich in calories, our body utilizes the needed calories and stocks up the rest for future use. While we indulge our body into physical activities, it is when it requires great amount of energy to perform the task.

Our body then utilizes the stored calories; so that it can perform the activity with ease. In other cases, when you do not involve your body into physical activities, the stocked calories then work to increase your weight. This is why, people with weight gain are advised to eat healthy and perform regular workouts.


Fats (fried foods, chocolate, butter) 9000
Carbohydrates (pasta, fruits, rice) 4000
Proteins (dairy products, eggs) 4000
Alcohol (Beer, liquor) 7000
Sugars (sugar, sweeteners) 240

The table above depicts fatty foods to be loaded with calories. Thus, one must strictly avoid fatty foods as much as possible, if he or she wishes to lose or manage weight.


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