7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

For the safest and effective weight loss, people think exercise is the best and only way.

But what about the people who don’t feel like doing it?

Or have a very busy schedule that they cannot get time to move their limbs or take a brisk walk.

Of course, there are ways other than exercise, following which you can lose a significant amount of weight, but that requires strict punctuality and dedication.

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1. The Size of Your Plate Should Be Small

This is called portion controlled which asks you to take small sized plates.

Usually, we use the plate which is 12-13 inch wide and that is where you put a bunch of food items.

Using small sized plates (from 7-8 inch) help you reduce 23% of your meal consumption which comes in healthy diet tactics.

Similarly, use the smaller size spoons that can help you take smaller bites.

According to MayoClinic, most people become fat due to excessive eating, it is not the food, but the size of the bite you take.

Taking smaller bites takes good care of your digestive system and gut health.

2. Lights & Noises Affect Your Hunger

In a study conducted where they unfurled a unique fact about the effect of light and noise on your diet.

It was assessed that people who went to the food cafes tend to eat 189 lesser calories if the lights of the café are dim with slow and soothing music.

Individuals, on the other hand, go to the café with bright light and loud music eats more than their appetite.

It is therefore advised to dim the lights and turn off any source of loud noise in your room or eating premises.

This will not only affect your meal but also a big part of your personality which allows you to eat slowly and less.

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3. Avoiding the Snacks

Not on a regular basis, but one should consume snacks including junks once a week.

In a study where it was observed that people who avoided eating junk for a month lose 1.9 pounds.

This is certainly a healthy practice which washes your gut with the toxins and fats that have been bulging.

For the ones who do exercises, snack is just like another common meal, but you are not fond of exercising, are you?

So no Snacks for you!

4. Sleep Enough

Research shows that sleep-deprived people eat more than those who have taken proper sleep.

A tired person consumes bigger bites and more food which, according to a study is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

Not just this, but the individual who lacks proper sleep are more prone to secrete Ghrelin, a hormone which induces appetite.

It’s psychological more than physiological, after getting not enough sleep people tends to eat more so that their tiredness might go away, Or it’s just another way your brain signals to your body to get more nutrition.

You need to control the appetite, which hits right after you wake up, try not to eat any food for at least half an hour.

Good after taking a nap or long sleep tastes more delicious, in this way you eat more than you should have which gives an extra chance of fat production in your body.

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5. Examine Your Weight

A large number of people constrain from weighing themselves.

Instead, they buy fancy and stretchable clothes to hide their actual weight and pretend to be slim.

Irene Rubaum Keller, author of Foodaholic: The Seven Stages of Perfect Weight Loss, explained this very well.

Getting on the scale can stop the denial, it may not help you lose weight but may really stop you from gaining it.

The best time to check your weight is the morning time after you have taken shower, the best way to weigh yourself is naked or wearing very lite clothes.

Calculate your weight for continuous seven days and after a week, divide it by the number of days.

This will give you a perfect figure based on which you can start weight loss plans including diet monitoring.

6. Write a Food Diary

Many health experts encourage this important activity, which is to jot every single food you have eaten throughout the day.

This could be on your mobile phone, laptop or even a physical diary.

Keeping the tracks on your daily food intake will allow you to see which food is affecting your weight and which one is good to continue in future.

Keeping a food journal of yourself is the most difficult part for people, as a matter of fact, it takes only some time to write it down.

You can even post your tracks online so it would be saved there.

7. A Healthy Breakfast Is a Key!

A healthy breakfast doesn’t mean heaps of bacon or chocolate chip cookies with high-fat products.

This includes food which is dense with protein that covers your appetite throughout the day.

Eggs, peanut butter or yogurt are much preferred with a very small amount of snacks between the breakfast and lunchtime.

Do not eat within 3 hours, allow the food to get digested properly.

Final Thoughts

Embracing these plans can help you lose fewer pound within a week.

If you follow every one of these steps, then we assure, you are going to lose 10 pounds within 2 weeks of time frame.

We wish you all the best for your future weight loss journey.